The Wesley Deaconess Order

The Wesley Deaconess Order 1890-1978

Dorothy Graham has delved deeply into the original records, and has done a magnificent job in bringing shape to a story which must at times have seemed confused to those who lived through it. Just as Methodism took so long to make up its mind that it was right for women to be presbyters, so it could never quite decide what work it wanted its deaconesses to do. But perhaps that is in essence the greatness of the story. Here were women willing to do virtually anything if it seemed right to the Church and relevant to God’s Kingdom. [Rev Brian J. N. Galliers, WDO Warden 1972-80].

The book Saved to Serve: The Story of the Wesley Deaconess Order 1890-1978 [Graham, E Dorothy, Peterborough, 2002] tells the story of the Order.
‘It is an honouring of the past. But it is much more than that… we have example, challenge and encouragement for the ministry of service to which every Christian is called.’
[Rev Dr Christina Le Moignan, President of the Methodist Conference 2001-02]


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